0/1 Ξgathered for orphans and kids with cancer


CryptoKates are AI generated NFTs with all the potential to get to the moon 🔥 We've put a lot of effort into them and will continue to do so. If you want to get to the 🌑 🚀 with us then support us by buying one of the Kate🕺

In the future we're planning to release a couple of projects based on Kates. So stay tuned by following us on twitter.

We are also making this project to help other people. 10% from each sold Kate gets collected and when the amount reaches 1ETH we are giving this away to our local charity for orphans and kids with cancer.

There are 84 variables over 8 categories. Each variable gives a unique look and feel 🌈

80 more variables will be added after the 500th Kate. Last 30 Kates will be animated




These are the prices for all the existing and future Kates. The price increases every 100 Kates till 970.
Last 30 will be animated and sold at auction

You can see the price of each Kate by hovering over one of the bars